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Typical Case

    The ultra-low temperature resistant optic cable, which is developed by Hanxin company, is widely applied in Russia, northern Europe and other extremely cold area. Hanxin weekly exports four 40-foot containers for this cable in the peak period. In the environment of low temperature 50 degrees below zero Celsius, each performance index of Hanxin optic cable is not subject to any influence.   

                  CEO visited Russian  customer     Meeting in Russian customers office    Weekly export four containers          Hanxin cable laying in Kremlin, 

                      in Moscow                                                                                                                                                                              Russia

   Hanxin optic cable has been adopted in Shenzhen Yantian Port, Mawan Port, Dachan Bay projects for many times. Over the past 10 years, the cable immersed in seawater and still keep good performance without any corrosion. 

                       Shenzhen Yantian Port                                           Shenzhen Mawan Port                                              Shenzhen Dachan Bay

    Shenzhen Safe City project totally applied thousands of kilometers of Hanxin optic cable for security monitoring, road monitoring and the area coverage rate reaches 70%. After more than ten years of sun and rain, Hanxin optic cable still serves for Shenzhen security and peace.

            Municipal Monitoring                              Road Monitoring                                  School Monitoring                        Residential Area Monitoring        

    Hanxin indoor OM3 10Gigabit optic cable has been widely applied in Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Universiade Stadium, HUAWEI computer room, Shenzhen Radio & TV center, the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant.  


  Shenzhen Municipal                  Universiade Stadium          HUAWEI Computer Room       Shenzhen Radio & TV      Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant  

         Committee                                                                                                                                           Center