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Shenzhen Hanxin Communication Fiber Optic Cable Co.,Ltd has no Equity relationship with Guangzhou Hansun Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Hansun Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd registered trademark is Hansun. Shenzhen Hanxin Communication Fiber Optic Cable Co.,Ltd also is no relationship with Guangzhou Hanxin Communication Fiber optic cable Co.,lte

Shenzhen Hanxin Communiction Fiber Optic Cable Co.,Ltd is earliest fiber optic manufacture high-tech enterprises in southern China. Since founded, Excellence quality 、Superior Service 、lead-edge technologies Wins customer’s reputation. Hanxin installed with the most advanced technology producing line more than 60 lines and world leading technologies in patch cord producing workshop. Hanxin will inspect every producing process for make sure 100% qualified quality Standards. Some major projects , user specified Hanxin Brand Fiber Optic Cable

In recently, our company have receipt some complaints of quality issure from customers and construction organization. Such as the broken of sheath,low speed of internet、the reception is off and on broken fiber inside, we can find that some illegal companies used the recycled jacket and fiber tor producing the optical fiber cable to copycat Hanxin Brand fiber optic cable, that is easily to figure out with distinguish. In order to protect our user interests and our good reputation, Hanxin have taken measure on using double machine-head for jacket in January,2007. completed outdoor cable(jacket made of LSZH sheath)can see the blue strip mark on two side of fiber cable. In the end of 2014,hanxin company imported the high-speed product line as same with corning's, the outdoor product of optic fiber cable with blue and red two strip-mark in two side of sheath. If the customers find some problems of our product please contact with us before you have checked the jacket and testing report of product.

Enterprise Deceived Case:
1、Customer find similar name with Shenzhen Hanxin Fiber optic cable from internet or harmonic tone with Shenzhen Hanxin fiber optic cable Co.,ltd. Such company is trade company ,workshop, small factory. Customer are decepted to buy low-quality fiber optic cable to buy low-quality fiber optic cable。
2、Customer asked to see the factory who was brought to a workshop said that is factory of Shenzhen Hanxin communication fiber optic cable Co.,Ltd (Reminder: important project , User please come to factory inspect in person )
3、Constrction side of contractor buy fake Hanxin Brand fiber optic cable from trade company. During acceptance in project construction , It was detected serious problems in fiber optic cable. User ask re-laying fiber optic cable and Compensation fee schedule delays. Constrction unit of contractor submit a plea to the courts after Claims to the seller is not successful. Court require the construction unit will post a third-party fiber optic cable inspection after submission to authority ruling. Third party notarization inspection do not accept used fiber optic cable. Construction unit can not prove , Finally Construction unit will bare the loss by itself.
4、Fake enterprise boss give high commission to construction units’s purchaser,engineering supervision for poor quality cable to replace HanXin fiber optic cable. Later, purchaser quite his job after destroy evidence such as purchase contract . Construction unit can not prove if they submit a plea to the courts.
5、Fake enterprise use sample which is real made by Shenzhen Hanxin Communication fiber optic cable Co.,Ltd. After win the buyer’s trust, Fake enterprise supply fake Hanxin Fiber optic cable to buyer. Also ,construction unit have not inspection on spot ,It will cause economic damage, delay the construction period.