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Product Description
Outdoor duct optical fiber cable is a kind of transmissions cable which is especially designed to be laid in pipes, providing better laying environment and has no special requirement for the out sheath of cables. The mechanical or manual hauling can be adopted during installation. Outdoor duct optical fiber cable is applied to WAN/LAN telecommunication.


Purchasing Risk

Many domestic small factories use inferior or waste fibers to imitate A-grade optical fibers, non-woven fabrics as water-blocking tapes, waste electric-wires and rubber slippers smashed as raw materials for the outer sheath of cable. Those inferior cables will cause many problems such as short transmission distance, low bandwidth, intermittent signal and easy-to-crack and water seepage of the cable jacket, etc. For the recent years, there are many cases that many overseas customers who bought such inferior cables from China were frustrated to find that the cables can not be used after constructing. It’s not workable to return them to China as the Chinese government will levy high import duties on optical fiber cables. The customers cannot claim for any compensation and suffered huge losses.