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Product Description

Optical power composite cable is the combination of optical fibers and copper wires, which can solve the problems of bandwidth access, equipment power supply and signal transmission. With small outer diameter, light weight, avoiding secondary wiring, optical power composite cable is applied to bandwidth access, power supply for long/short distance telecommunication system.   


Purchasing Risk

Many domestic factories produce optical power composite cable with deficient copper cross sectional area, unqualified copper and insulating layer materials, which cause the hidden quality problems such as high temperature, copper cable burnout in the high voltage power supplying process. Furthermore, it can even result in serious safety accident such as casualties and equipments on fire, etc due to the structural defects. For the recent years, there are many cases that many overseas customers who bought such inferior cables from China were frustrated to find that the cables can not be used after constructing. It’s not workable to return them to China as the Chinese government will levy high import duties on optical fiber cables. The customers cannot claim for any compensation and suffered huge losses.