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Product Description

The optical fiber adapter, also called optical fiber adapter flange or optical fiber coupler, is the alignment connecting part during the transmission of optical fiber. Its both ends can be inserted into different optical fiber connector in different interface type to realize the transition between different interfaces. It is widely used in optical fiber distribution frame, optical fiber communication equipments, etc.


Purchasing Risk

Many domestic small plants produce optical fiber adapter with shell designed inaccurately, unqualified zirconium dioxide sleeve or alloy sleeve, which cause the adapter fiber core size mismatch, numerical aperture mismatch, reflective index mismatch, low end clearance, big axis angle, etc. The optical fiber will appear problems such as attenuation increase during signal transmission and unstable signal, etc. There are many cases for the recent years that many overseas customers who bought such optical fiber adapter from China were frustrated to find that the adapter can not be used after constructing. It’s not workable to return them to China as the Chinese government will levy high import duties on optical fiber adapter. The customers cannot claim for any compensation and suffered huge losses.